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Year established 1977
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Activity (NAC08) Non-specialised wholesale trade (4690)
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Innovative system solutions for industry and building applications in the business fields:

Building sealing systems in line with EnEV and RAL requirements

(for windows, metal, wood and façade building as well as for fire protection)

Sealing products made of various material combinations

(e.g. fleece materials, textiles, etc.)

Foam packaging

(presentation and complete packaging, constructive packaging, logistics and transport packaging)

Sport and leisure items made of foam

(water dumbbells, floats, aqua jogging belts)

Technical parts and foams made of PE and PUR foams

(flat gaskets, profiles, blanks, moulded parts)

Self-adhesive cellular caoutchouc

(flat gaskets)

Sealing system, Adhesive Tapes, Sealing Products, General Construction, Curtain Walling, Timber Frame Houses, Metal Cladding, Fenestration, Profile Fillers, Acoustic Insulating, PE Sealing Tapes, Thermal Barrier Tapes, Backer Rod, Window Sealing Films, Adhesives, Adhesive Tapes, Fire Protection Products, EPDM Sealing Strips, Butyl Tapes, Impregnated Sealing Tapes, PUR sealing tape, foam technology, foam sealant tape, Metal Building Sealing System, Facade Sealing, Window Sealing, Fire Protection, joint sealing, 3-level seal, durable sealing solutions, environmentally-friendly, Energy efficient, sustainable sealing solutions, wind proof sealant, air tight, vapour diffusion, Sealing protection for joints, steel construction, energy saving


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  • Nov 16 2020
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    EQUIPBAIE 2020



    Location: Paris, Frankreich

    Visit us at the trade fair for windows and doors „EQUIP BAIE“ on 17 - 20 November 2020 in Paris.
  • Mar 18 2020
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    Fensterbau Frontale 2020



    Location: Nürnberg, Germany

    Visit us at the world's leading trade fair for windows, doors and facades from 18. to 21. March 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany in Hall 4A, Booth 125.
  • Dec 3 2019
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    Forum Holzbau International 2019



    Location: Innsbruck, Austria

    Visit us at Forum Holzbau International in Innsbruck, Austria on 04.-06. December 2019 at booth KU223.
  • Oct 28 2019
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    Building Physics 2019



    Location: Tampere, Finland

    Visit us from 28. to 30. October at Building Physics 2019 in Tampere, Finland.
  • May 15 2019



    Location: Aalen, Germany

    Contact details Inge Knorn, Head of Marketing, +49(0)7361 / 94 90 36,

    ISO-Chemie, a family-owned and managed company, has embarked upon a sustainability campaign at its head office in Aalen. The manufacturer of energy-saving technical foams and building sealing solutions has initiated a whole package of environmental measures. These are designed to protect endangered insects, particularly bees, and to promote species conservation and biodiversity.
    ISO-Chemie’s owners, Josef Deiß and Dr Martin Deiß, have declared this sustainability initiative to be a management issue and have instituted a series of measures to protect the environment. They are receiving significant support from the company’s employees who have taken on a number of environmental projects at their head office. According to Dr Martin Deiß, CEO of ISO-Chemie, “With our sustainability initiative, we are taking a series of pragmatic steps to assume responsibility at our site for a future worth living for generations to come. We are currently focussing on the protection of endangered insects.” Dr Deiß explains,
    “We have created an insect hotel and wild flower meadows to provide nesting sites and a source of food for wild bees. We have also set up a hive on the green roof of our company building. Our Development Manager, who is an enthusiastic beekeeper in his spare time, has taken over responsibility for this.”
    Since ISO-Chemie was established over 40 years ago, the company has been committed to responsible action with respect to people and nature. The energy-saving sealing specialist checks all the products it manufactures and methods it applies for environmental sustainability and sustainable effect.
    ISO-Chemie was a very early adopter of ISO 14001 certification (the international environmental management standard). This environmental management system is based on voluntary measures implemented by the company in order to protect the environment and contribute to a continuous improvement process.
    As a leading manufacturer of building sealing solutions, ISO-Chemie firmly believes that the company should continuously reduce its power consumption and minimise CO2 emissions on both production and administration sides. As Dr Deiß says, “ISO-Chemie has introduced a wide range of energy-efficient and sustainable sealing solutions onto the market. These have a positive effect on a building’s energy balance. The overall effect of our sealing products is to appreciably reduce the energy consumption of buildings and facilities.
    The majority of ISO-Chemie’s sealing products have been rated as awarded the prestigious GEV environmental classification of “very low emission”. As a result, both users and clients can be sure that these products do not give off hazardous substances into the ambient air. The Aalen-based family business has also issued an environmental product declaration (EPD) for its entire range. The EPD discloses a comprehensive balance of all environmental impact associated with its production. It also provides information about the positive effects on energy consumption and thus on the environmental balance of buildings.
  • Jan 15 2019
    New product


    With ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC, ISO-Chemie is setting a new benchmark in terms of multi-functional tape 4.0. This innovative hybrid technology combines the high resistance to air and driving rain provided by window connection films with the optimum expansion force and high long-term capacity to absorb movement of pre-compressed PUR soft foam.
    “ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC combines the quality features of premium window connection films with the benefits of high quality BG 1 and BG R-certified multi-functional joint sealing tapes”, explains Inge Knorn, the successful sealing specialist’s Marketing Manager. ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC stands out from conventional multi-functional joint sealing tapes with its exceptional functional characteristics.
    100% reliability in terms of energy efficiency and resistance to air and driving rain
    Multiple film barrier layers make the 3-layer tape totally air tight on the room side (a-value of 0.00 m3/[h·m·(daPa)n]). Uncontrolled convection heat losses or draughts via the window connection joint are thus no longer an issue. This should be particularly welcomed by building owners since the strict separation of internal and external climates brings considerable energy savings, all in line with EnEV requirements and the forthcoming 2020 EU Buildings Directive. This airtight joint sealing also has a positive effect on the building’s energy passport and the blower door test results.
    In the functional area, the innovative tape has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation values while, in the weather protection layer, it offers outstanding resistance to driving rain (1,050 Pa). This important aspect can represent a far-sighted product solution in view of advancing climate change with the associated violent storms and torrential rain.
    Integration of several barrier layers guarantees optimum transportation of humidity to the outside. This allows the joint to dry out rapidly, preventing structural damage due to mould. ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC thus conforms to the “inside tighter than outside” principle of the RAL “Installation guide” and has three sealing layers that work independently of one another.
    “Total air-tightness, maximum thermal protection and high resistance to driving rain to take account of climate change, combined with long-term capacity to absorb movement; these are mandatory requirements for modern buildings, passive and zero-energy houses,” stresses Andreas Lange, Technology & Training Manager at ISO-Chemie. He firmly believes that planners, installers and building owners will be on the safe side if they use the unique hybrid technology of ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC! ISO-Chemie provides a 10-year functional warranty for the BG 1 and BG R-certified multi-functional joint sealing tape.
    Ease of installation and excellent functional reliability
    The impregnated PUR soft foam is self-adhesive on one side for ease of installation. The tape is glued to the window frame in a single step. This can reduce the time required to less than ¼ compared to conventional window fitting with films.
    The multi-functional joint sealing tape’s excellent expansion capacity is also worth a look. It permanently and reliably smooths over uneven joints and absorbs movements. The exceptional range of joint applications enables joints from 6 – 40 mm wide to be reliably sealed with just a single tape dimension. The product is available in tapes widths from 30 – 100 mm to suit the window construction depth.
    With the trail-blazing ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC hybrid technology, ISO-Chemie has made the leap to multi-functional tape 4.0. The building sealing solution manufacturer has already applied for patent protection for its ground-breaking new development. You will find more information at:
  • Jan 1 2019
    New product


    The ISO-Chemie family of in-front-of-wall installation system products has a new member. The new ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 IN-FRONT-OF-WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM was specially designed for use in fire protection facades.
    E30 to EN 1366-4
    The intumescent components of the new PURATHERM E30 material create an expansion effect when exposed to significant heat levels. In the event of a fire, this effectively prevents joints being formed due to loss of material, which could allow the fire to spread. The fire resistance rating was tested to EN 1366-4 and classified as E30.
    Fitting in the thermal insulation plane
    As with the classic „TYPE 1”, the new E30 type variant allows window and door elements to be quickly positioned in the outer thermal insulation plane and securely fixed by mechanical means. The system comprises a thermally insulating and load-bearing system angle made from PURATHERM E30. There are also ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BOARDS E30 available for applications where the window is only partly overhanging. These can be combined with the system angles to achieve greater overhangs.
    Use where special fire safety requirements are in place
    The system angles and system boards are suitable for applications where special fire protection requirements are in place for the load distribution at windows and balcony and patio doors. They also provide an optimum base for correct 3-layer sealing of window connection joints using products from the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM. ISO-Chemie’s RAL quality-tested multi-functional joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE is particularly suitable for this application.
    Simple to fit - saving time
    The window and door elements are attached directly and mechanically to the supporting frame system. This can be done both with classic screw fixings through the window frame or using extended metal lug fixings. The in-front-of-wall installation system is then covered with an external wall insulation system.
    ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BRACKETS „TYPE 1” E30 and SYSTEM BOARDS E30 are prefabricated in many different formats and can be cut to length on site using a mitre saw. As with the classic “TYPE 1”, they are attached to the masonry using ISO-TOP FLEXIBLE ADHESIVE WF combined with additional standard fixing bolts.
    Fitting is made even easier by the user-friendly push-fit connections. The tongue and groove design supplied as standard allows the ends of the system angles to be fitted together quickly and easily, which means they can be attached by one person working on their own.
    Complies with ETB guidelines
    The in front of wall installation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 fulfils the technical rules for use when fitting windows with safety glass.
    Calculation of the four load cases & preliminary structural analysis
    ISO-Chemie can help customers to calculate and draw up stress analysis reports for fixing components in and in front of the supporting façade. This is done using the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER STATIC TOOL which was developed specifically for this purpose. The tool is used to calculate the four load cases (“Self-weight dead load”, “Wind load”, “Open casement” and “Open casement with additional load”) for in-front-of-wall installation and to draw up a project-specific structural analysis. The tool can be accessed at our ISO-PORTAL (
    10-year functional warranty
    The durability and reliability of our innovative in-front-of-wall installation system are backed up by the 10-year functional warranty. The material is extremely resistant to ageing. It is resistant decay and rotting, mould and termites. Another feature is the excellent resistance to humidity. The system remains extremely dimensionally stable, even when exposed to the weather for long periods.
    With its IN-FRONT-OF-WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 (patent pending), ISO-Chemie can now offer the perfect solution for fire protection façades. You will find more information about the ISO-Chemie in-front-of-wall installation system at:
  • Jul 15 2018
    New product


    Rapid and effective air and weather tight sealing around windows and doors is provided by a new easy-to-use collar system from foam sealants specialists ISO-CHEMIE.
    The self-adhesive ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR is a single-piece bespoke solution, which can be quickly fitted around fenestration elements installed in façades and load bearing walls to provide long lasting external protection against the elements.
    Featuring vulcanised sections, the collar can be fitted up to six times faster than alternative foil strip sealants via a butyl adhesive or a clip-in frame groove feature, saving onsite labour and material costs.
    Product can be customised to specific applications – the fitter places the collar around the frame section in front of the wall before securely bonding it to the supporting wall or façade.
    Manufactured from flexible EPDM ( ethylene propylene diene monomer), which can compensate for joint movements due to its high elasticity properties, ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR is r esistant to extremes of temperature and weather.
    It also possesses good diffusion properties and complies with the relevant building regulations and DIN EN standards, covering thermal conductivity, dimension tolerance, and resistance to driving rain on joints among others.
    Supplied with a 10-year warranty and available in 0.6mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.3mm and 1.5mm thicknesses, ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR comes in a choice of four finishes to suit all applications. Moulded inside and outside corners are also available for in front-of-wall elements, lower connection areas, floor-level elements, and balcony and patio door systems.
    ISO-CHEMIE specialises in the manufacturer of foam products from polyethylene (EPE), polypropylene (EPP) and polyurethane (PUR) using the latest production techniques.
  • May 15 2018
    Press release



    Contact details Inge Knorn, Head of Marketing, +49(0)7361 / 94 90 36,

    ISO-Chemie’s ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM was recognised as a „CERTIFIED COMPONENT” by the „Passivhaus Institut Dr. Feist Darmstadt”. This means that it is now approved for the installation of window elements in front of the wall in passive energy houses. The official presentation took place on the ISO-Chemie stand at Fensterbau Frontale.
    As an independent body, the Passivhaus Institut tests and certifies products with respect to their suitability for use in passive energy houses. Products that bear the „Certified component” quality seal from the Passivhaus Institut have been tested against standardised criteria, have comparable characteristic values and offer excellent thermal quality.
    Impressive energy efficiency
    To achieve certification as a Passivhaus component in the window connection category, the in front of wall installation system (which has been approved and comprehensively tested by ift Rosenheim) was tested against various comfort criteria and classified as Passivhaus efficiency class phB. This demonstrated that the special material characteristics of the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” not only fulfils stringent static loading requirements, but also offers outstanding energy efficiency values.
    Excellent thermal conductivity properties and optimum PSI values
    ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” consists of load-bearing, thermally-insulating system profiles made from high-density THERMAPOR. They are perfect for installing window systems directly in front of the supporting wall. The excellent thermal conductivity properties of the moulded parts ensure that they integrate perfectly into the thermal insulation composite system and offer optimum PSI values. This enables thermal bridges to be optimised and excellent insulation values to be achieved in the window reveal. This in turn prevents the risk of mould developing in the connection area around the window opening.
    Load-bearing capacity and load transfer in one
    The very high material density (150 kg/m³) and excellent properties in terms of supported load and thermal insulation make the system profile perfect for installing in front of the wall in both single and multiple occupancy buildings and in commercial construction. The high density not only creates very good load-bearing capacity for absorbing the weight of the windows; the material is also sufficiently stable to safely dissipate all other loads into the masonry. For additional stabilisation, the system profiles can be reinforced with aluminium bearing angles if particularly large elements are installed, very high casement loads occur or there are other supplementary requirements in terms of stress analysis or fixing.
    Professional in front of wall installation with certified products
    Three products from ISO-Chemie’s ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM are now recognised as „CERTIFIED COMPONENTS” by the Passivhaus Institut. The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM and the ISO-BLOCO ONE multi-purpose joint sealing tape have also received coveted Passivhaus certification due to their outstanding energy values.
    With its certificates for Passivhaus components, the Passivhaus Institut also increases the visibility of the products’ tested thermal characteristics. These characteristic values play a significant role in ensuring that a building subsequently achieves the energy savings that were forecast using an appropriate energy balance software package, such as the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP). This is a reliable design aid for architects and a quality assurance tool for project owners. The use of Passivhaus-certified components from ISO-Chemie makes building planning easier and significantly contributes to ensuring that a passive energy house functions perfectly in the long-term.
    You will find more information about the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM at: www.iso-chemie.en/winframertyp3
  • Apr 26 2017



    The variable-humidity window and façade sealing foil ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD is now available in the full-surface self-adhesive variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO. The revolutionary thing about the new installation-friendly special foils is that they can even be installed at sub-zero temperatures of as low as to -10 degrees Celsius.   Installation in winter is possible In other words, the innovative window and façade sealing films allow the straightforward installation of windows and doors even in cold weather. This is a crucial advantage, because short construction times and closely coordinated work planning require sealing solutions that reliably require on-schedule installation even in poor weather conditions.   Lengthy outdoor exposure Joint sealing products are often exposed to the weather for longer periods if there are delays in subsequent construction work being completed. Such longer phases of outdoor exposure of up to six months can be endured safely thanks to the optimised UV-resistance of the ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD foils. This means more safety for the installer and a high degree of installation flexibility.   Installation without installation adhesive Thanks to the full-surface self-adhesive features of the new COMPLETE variants, there is no longer any need for an additional installation adhesive. Drying times are thus a thing of the past and the foil can be plastered over immediately. Yet the position of the COMPLETE foils can still be corrected after initial fixing, because the full adhesive strength is only developed after a few hours. If the foils should suffer impact damage, quick and easy self-adhesive plaster repairs can be carried out using an appropriate piece of foil. The adhesive-free processing method also rules out the risk of leaks caused by too little adhesive being applied or of plaster becoming loose due to smudges of adhesive on the foil. In addition, the risk of soiling on windows, construction elements and on the building itself is significantly minimised.   A further advantage is the guaranteed conformity with the requirements of the plastering guideline “Plastering window sealing foils” which prescribes a minimum bonding area with the surface of more than 75 %. In addition, the COMPLETE films are coated with a plaster backing fleece, the plaster bonding value of which is more than twice the value required. In other words, planners and installers alike are on the safe side with the full-surface self-adhesive variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD.   Simple and time-saving installation process The COMPLETE foils offer optimum prerequisites for a simple and time-saving installation process. The highly elastic sealing foils fit snugly to any unevenness in the existing surface. Moreover, they have an extremely thin membrane structure which makes them ideal for subsequent covering with PVC, aluminium or wooden strips both in renovated and new buildings.   Pre-installation in the workshop Just like the other variants, ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO can be pre-installed in the workshop, due to dual backing paper. This enables installation times to be spread out and on-site work to be planned and carried out efficiently.   Variable-humidity functional mechanism Otherwise the COMPLETE foils have a humidity-regulating functional mechanism which results in a high drying-out effect in the window connection joint all year round This is made possible by variable adapting the sd-value to the different temperature gradients between indoors and outdoors or outdoors and indoors respectively depending on the season. Thus humidity transportation from the joint to the outside works just the same as to the room side, no matter what the weather. Condensate damage can thus be avoided effectively.   Universal film for inside and outside In contrast to other full-surface self-adhesive films on the market, the COMPLETE variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD film can be used for both the inner and outer sealing layer. Thus only one product is necessary for two applications, which saves both time and costs. Thanks to their versatile use, purchasing and storage cost less, and there is no danger of mixing up foils for internal and external use. On-site handling is made easer and installation faults can be avoided.   Two full-surface self-adhesive variants In order to protect the adhesive surface, the full-surface self-adhesive COMPLETE variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD have been equipped with 2 or 3-part liner. The COMPLETE DUO variant also has an adhesive strip on the back of the foil to facilitate fixing on the window frame. The foils are available in widths of 70 - 290 mm.   System safety All in all, the EnEV-, RAL-compliant and RAL-quality tested variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO from ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD offer a high degree of system safety by combining adhesive and sealing features. With these COMPLETE foils, complaints caused by the use of too much or too little adhesive or the use of an unsuitable installation adhesive are a thing of the past. Installing companies also benefit from installation being possible in almost all weather conditions and versatile use on both the inner and outer sealing layers.   Tested quality and environmental compatibility Distributors, installers and planners can rely on the quality of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD. The product has been awarded the RAL quality mark “Joint sealing components and systems” on account of its high-quality product features, adherence to strict environmental guidelines and its high degree of user friendliness and efficiency. In addition, it has been awarded the GEV-mark EMICODE® EC1 PLUS which certifies it as “very low emission” and confirms that the product does not give off hazardous substances into the ambient air and does not represent any risk to health. To find out more about ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD, visit the ISO-Chemie website at
  • Apr 26 2017



    The humidity-variable window and façade sealing foils ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and XD as well as the window foils ISO-CONNECT INSIDE FD and OUTSIDE FD for the inside and outside respectively are now available in the full-surface self-adhesive variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO.   Thanks to the full-surface self-adhesive features of the new COMPLETE variants, the use of an additional paste-type installation adhesive is no longer required at all for window sealing work. This does not make installation any less convenient, however, since the COMPLETE foils can still be corrected and repositioned after initial application. The new variants have been designed in such a way that their full adhesive strength only develops after a few hours.   Since adhesive is no longer applied, the risk of leaks caused by poor or patchy adhesive application is ruled out completely. Furthermore, the foil can be plastered over directly after installation and the plaster will longer flake off due to adhesive being smeared on the foil surface. In addition, the risk of soiling on windows, construction elements and on the building itself caused by residual adhesive is significantly minimised.   Another important aspect is the fact that the humidity-variable window and façade sealing foils ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD as well as ISO-CONNECT INSIDE FD and ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE FD guarantee conformity with the specifications of the plastering guideline “Plastering window sealing foils” which prescribes a minimum bonding area with the surface of more than 75%.   Planners and installers alike can benefit from the numerous installation advantages of the full-surface self-adhesive foil variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO, safe in the knowledge that they are fulfilling legal requirements.
  • Apr 26 2017



    ISO-Chemie surprised visitors to the BAU 2017 with two new variants of the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER.   The three system types now available are tailor-made for different building situations. The flexible in front of wall installation system provides a suitable solution for the installation and sealing of windows in the insulating layer virtually every time.   Prefabrication of complete supporting frames using
    In order to optimise time and costs and make project-related prefabrication in the factory possible, ISO-Chemie has now introduced the “TYPE 1” PREFAB to its range. This is based on the successfully launched “TYPE 1” and has all its tried-and-trusted technical features and functionalities.   Project-related delivery lengths One major advantage for installers using “TYPE 1” PREFAB is the fact that the PURATHERM system brackets can be produced individually to project-related lengths. Delivery in tailor-made project lengths makes it possible to prefabricate complete supporting frames for different window openings for a building project in your factory. Thus the respective window frames can be pre-installed in the prefabricated supporting frame together with a RAL-compliant sealing system.   Pre-assembled frame system The in front of wall installation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 1” PREFAB can thus be used for complete pre-assembly with a window element as a closed frame system. The four individual frame parts are delivered with a project-related cut length of up to 3,600 mm. ISO-Chemie has ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BRACKETS ”TYPE 1” PREFAB in the dimensions 80/80, 90/80, 140/90, 160/110, 180/110 and 200/110 (width/height) in the range for typical in front of wall installation applications. Since the system brackets can be ordered in building-related cut lengths of up to 3,600 mm, there is no residue on site and expensive adaptation can be avoided.   The corners of the 4-sided frame system can be mitre-cut or butt-jointed. The prefabricated ISO-TOP WINFRAMER INSULATING BLOCKS can be used for thermal insulation at butt-jointed corners.   ISO-Chemie supplies specially developed corner consoles made of metal for the mechanical connection of the four ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BRACKETS “TYPE 1” PREFAB to a prefabricated supporting frame. The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER CORNER CONSOLES are screwed in the rebate area and then covered with the movable insulating core. The optional ISO-TOP WINFRAMER CRANE EYELETS allow the ready-to-assemble facade element made up of a supporting frame and window frame to be transported by crane to the respective installation spot.   Simple on-site assembly On the construction site, only a few steps are required to install the prefabricated supporting frame “in front of the wall”. Just as with the tried-and-trusted “TYPE 1”, the new “TYPE 1” PREFAB is glued to the outside masonry all the way round the window opening first using the system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF and then screwed in place. Subsequently, a segment of the movable insulating core is partially broken out via a pre-designed break-off line to positively fit the corner consoles and then fixed using a few adhesive points. The insulating core guarantees reliable integration in the EWIS by reducing thermal bridges.   Adjustment of the window frame During the development of the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 1” PREFAB possible building tolerances were considered, since, as is widely known, facade fronts rarely provide a perfect base that windows simply need to be screwed to. Pre-fixing of the window frame in the supporting frame of the in front of wall installation system is done from the outside. The screws for pre-fixing are offset to the window installation screws used later. This guarantees that the screws driven last will find a new firm base and not slip into an old screw hole. Once the facade element has been glued and screwed to the outer wall, the fixing screws can be removed from the outer side. The window frame, sealed using multi-functional joint sealing tapes for example, can then be “aligned plumb” and fixed in its final position using window installation screws in the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 1” PREFAB from inside the building.   Optimised installation process The use of the in front of wall installation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 1” which is certified for use in passive energy houses, has been awarded the RAL quality seal and tested to RC 3 and TRAV requirements, brings numerous advantages, particularly where large-scale projects are concerned. Workflows in your factory can be optimised in terms of time and costs under controlled conditions. This saves money and makes costing calculations more reliable. Assembly in the factory – no matter the weather conditions outside – prevents any problematic assembly delays. Furthermore, assembly times on the construction site can be significantly reduced.   ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 3”- the in front of wall installation system for large window elements The other new member of ISO-Chemie’s IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM family is ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 3”. This type is made up of load-bearing, thermally insulating B1 system profiles made of high-compressed THERMAPOR which are ideal for the direct installation of window systems in front of the load-bearing wall. Here, the excellent thermal conductivity of the moulded parts guarantees perfect integration in the EWIS and optimum Psi values. Thermal bridges can thus be optimised and a high degree of insulation achieved in the soffit area. This prevents the risk of mould formation in the connection area around the window opening.   Simple installation The IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 3” can be used for the installation of windows in the insulating layer. The wind suction, dead and casement loads are absorbed directly by the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES and transferred to the load-bearing wall. To achieve this, the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES are glued directly to the masonry using the hybrid polymer-based system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF and additionally screwed in place. The mechanical attachment of the window elements is by means of standard window screws. Multi-functional joint sealing tapes or window connection foils from our ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM range are ideal for sealing the windows.   Load-bearing capacity and load transfer in one With the very high material density of 150 kg/m³ and outstanding load-bearing and thermal insulation properties, the system profile is ideal for in front of wall installation in single and multi-family homes and other building projects. The high density not only provides a very good load-bearing capacity for bearing window weights, it makes the material sturdy enough to transfer all other loads safely to the masonry.   The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES can also be further reinforced using bearing brackets made of aluminium for another interesting solution. For this purpose, tightly fitting console slots have been integrated in the system profiles for the insertion of any number of consoles cut to length on site from extruded aluminium profiles. This can be an advantage particularly when very large elements are to be installed, very high casement loads occur or other additional requirements are made on structural design or attachment such as e.g. TRAV and ETB.   Optimum length adjustment The system profiles have a dovetail connection on the end for quick and easy installation of the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES. This allows the system profiles to be fitted together easily and practically. The joints are sealed using the system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF before the system profiles are fitted to the wall surface. There are special adhesive grooves in the butt joints for this. Suitable lengths can be prepared in advance in the workshop. For individual adjustment to the External Wall Insulation system, the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES have a through groove on the front. This contains clamping fins to fix optional insulating bars and window sill moulds in place.   The 1,200 mm system profiles are available in two different dimensions. With a height and width of 80 mm each, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILE 80/80 are the perfect size for most applications. In addition, system profiles with a projection of 140 mm and a height of 80 mm are also available.   ISO-TOP WINFRAMER INSULATING BARS The EWIS usually projects significantly beyond the window layer to the outside. In order to ensure a perfect connection between the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES and the EWIS every time, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER INSULATING BARS can be used. These insulating bars 1,200 mm long are available in the standard dimensions 30/80 mm and 50/80 mm (width/height) as well as in window sill form. ISO-Chemie also offers custom solutions and tailor-made production depending on project requirements.   With its latest product innovations, the sealing specialists have once again proved their innovative strength in their jubilee year, where they can look back on 40 years of manufacturing Expertise.
  • Apr 26 2017

    ISO-BLOCO ONE - the first multi-function joint sealing tape certified suitable for passive energy houses


    During the International Passive Energy House Conference in Darmstadt/Germany, a joint sealing tape was awarded the “certified passive energy house component” certificate in the category “Airtight systems/window connection” for the first time. The product from ISO-Chemie was convincing throughout the test procedure, and is the only joint sealing tape so far to receive the renowned award from the Passive Energy House Institute Dr. Feist Darmstadt (PHI).   As an independent body, the PHI tests and certifies products with a view to their suitability for use in passive energy houses. Products that are awarded the “component suitable for passive energy houses” certificate have been tested in accordance with standard criteria, are comparable in terms of key values and have excellent energy efficiency. The use of certified passive energy house components such as ISO-BLOCO ONE help make the planning of buildings easier and contribute significantly to guaranteeing the perfect function of a passive energy house and maintaining it long-term.   After the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER, the multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE is another product from the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM from ISO-Chemie to be recognised by the PHI as a “certified passive energy house component” in the window connection category. The multi-function joint sealing tape, which has been successful on the market for years, has received the notable award for good reason. ISO-BLOCO ONE stands out on account of its excellent functional characteristics and is the only sealing tape to fully meet the high demands of the PHI so far.   ISO-BLOCO ONE is an “all-in-one tape” that combines all the requirements of EnEV- and RAL-conform fitting in a single product. This makes it particularly suitable for the reliable, straightforward and time-saving sealing of window and door connections. The intelligent joint sealing tape works according to the 3-level principle of the RAL “installation guide”. On the outside, the BG 1 and BG R-tested multi-function joint sealing tape guarantees above-average resistance to driving rain with more than 1,000 Pa. The middle layer has a thermal and sound insulating effect, and on the inside the tape has a revolutionary low a-value of practically zero, making it 100% airtight and vapour-resistant – an aspect that is particularly important in passive energy houses. The excellent airtightness values contribute to reducing the convective heat losses, scoring points on the building energy assessment and returns excellent results in the blower-door test. This was one of the factors resulting in the product’s “certified passive energy house component” award in the category “Airtight systems/window connection”.   Compared with other multi-function joint sealing tapes, ISO-BLOCO ONE also stands out thanks to its extremely favourable sd-value gradient of 50:1. Such a large vapour diffusion gradient permits efficient transportation  of humidity to the outside and faster drying of the joints, in line with the “inside tighter than outside” principle of the “Installation guide for the installation of windows and doors” published by the the RAL quality association “Joint sealing components and systems”.   In addition to the passive energy house certificate, the multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE has received a host of other important awards such as the RAL quality mark “Joint sealing components and systems”. The RAL quality mark guarantees outstanding, durable quality and the planning reliability related to this, because products that have been awarded the RAL quality mark must prove during regular external and internal audits that they have a consistent quality that goes far beyond the requirements of the German industrial standard DIN.   In addition, ISO-BLOCO ONE was confirmed as “very low-emission” and thus bears the GEV EMICODE® mark. This premium classification by the Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials e.V. (GEV) means maximum possible protection against ambient air contamination. Both users and clients are guaranteed that the product does not emit hazardous substances into the ambient air and does not represent any risk to health.   Overall, these outstanding product characteristics make the energy-efficient multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE second to none on the market, and completely justify the passive energy house certificate.
  • Apr 26 2017



    ISO-Chemie’s classic joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO 600 has joined the ranks of RAL quality-assured sealing products after being awarded the RAL quality mark for joint sealing components and systems.   The award was made on 5 April at one of the press days at company headquarters in Aalen held by ISO-Chemie to celebrate its 40th anniversary as a manufacturer. Handing over the award, Bernfried Stache, CEO of the RAL quality association for joint sealing components and systems, explained that the RAL quality mark is coupled with a number of special conditions. “The RAL quality association for joint sealing components and systems has stipulated particular quality and testing provisions for joint sealing tapes. ISO-BLOCO 600 was successfully tested against these stringent criteria by ift Rosenheim,” said Bernfried Stache.   Durable weather-resistance Permanently elastic RAL joint sealing tapes such as ISO-BLOCO 600 consist of a pre-compressed PUR soft foam impregnated with a flame-retardant synthetic resin. They are used to create air tight seals that are resistant to driving rain for connecting and movement joints in buildings. At the same time, they offer both UV resistance and durability. The open-celled material structure required by the RAL quality association (as offered by ISO-BLOCO 600) creates a seal that is permeable to vapour diffusion. Any moisture enclosed in the joint can thus be dissipated inwards or outwards in a controlled manner according to the heat flows.   Compliance with quality and testing requirements confirmed by ift Rosenheim In its test report, ift Rosenheim confirmed that ISO-BLOCO 600 fulfils all the requirements concerning temperature stability range, thermal conductivity, building material class B1, resistance to vapour diffusion, BG 1 classification, resistance to driving rain of at least 600 Pa, joint permeability above a-values up to 0.1 m3/[h • m • (daPa)n]  and soundproofing values up to 58 dB. It also received positive results for suitability for overpainting and compatibility with adjacent materials.   The available dimensions reliably seal joints from 2 to 42 mm. The joint sealing tape is also excellent to use as it can be installed in any weather and the joint requires no pre-treatment. ISO-Chemie also offers a 10-year functional warranty and a particularly long shelf life of at least two years.   Natural weathering with 10 years external monitoring RAL quality-assured joint sealing tapes require regular testing to DIN 18542 for airtightness and resistance to driving rain up to at least 600 Pa. The quality and testing requirements demand both monthly in-house monitoring and a biannual external inspection by a neutral testing institute. These characteristics must be maintained even after 10 years of natural weathering; this is checked on an annual Basis.
  • Apr 26 2017

    ISO-TOP CLEANEX - the expansion accelerator for PUR joint sealing tapes


    Those who regularly work with impregnated, pre-compressed joint sealing tapes made of PUR foams know that their expansion behaviour strongly depends on the ambient climate and the tapes' own temperature. ISO-TOP CLEANEX can have a positive influence on the expansion behaviour and significantly cut expansion time.   At high temperatures and high air humidity, impregnated and pre-compressed PUR joint sealing tapes generally expand quickly enough. If temperatures fall to below +15 °C, expansion starts to slow down. At processing temperatures below 5 °C, the tapes expand extremely slowly, which can lead to long waiting times and undesirable delays during window installation.   In the past, attempts have usually been made to increase the tape temperature in order to avoid this. Known methods are the use of an industrial hot-air blower to heat the PUR joint sealing tapes or spraying the tapes with hot water to ensure joints are sealed more quickly. However, both these variants have decisive disadvantages.   Any industrial hot-air blowers used should feature digital temperature setting, because if a temperature of +80 °C is exceeded, there is a risk of the pre-compressed joint sealing tape becoming damaged. Apart from this, expansion still takes a long time despite the hot-air blower, and has to be carried out in sections. To speed up expansion behaviour using water spray, hot water is required, which is often not available on construction sites. In addition, the temperature of the building should not be below +5 °C.   Practice shows that these two methods of speeding up expansion can only be used to a limited extent and with care, and that the desired time-saving effect is not achieved in many cases. The expansion accelerator ISO-TOP CLEANEX has a much better, more straightforward and more reliable influence on expansion behaviour, since it can be used quickly and effectively, irrespective of the temperatures of the building and outdoor temperatures. In other words, even at temperatures below freezing.
  • May 10 2016

    IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM receives the RAL quality mark at the fensterbau/frontale 2016


    The RAL quality association “Joint sealing components and systems” has thoroughly revised the award guidelines for its quality mark and included in front of wall installation systems in the quality and testing specifications. The IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER is the first product in this category to receive the coveted seal of approval.   The IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER allows windows and doors to be installed on the outside of a load-bearing wall in the thermal insulation level or air gap of the wall structure. What characterises the in front of wall installation system from ISO-Chemie is that it not only meets requirements related to load-bearing capacity and attachment of the window (suitability for use) and transfer of the loads to the load-bearing wall elements (stability) but also further functions such as forming an airtight seal resistant to driving rain against the masonry, thermal insulation and the reduction of structural thermal bridges, as well as burglar resistance in accordance with RC-3. In addition, the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER creates a level installation surface for the safe attachment and sealing of the windows in accordance with the 3-level principle and the requirements of the “RAL installation guide for the installation of windows and doors”.   The RAL quality mark for the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER was awarded at a press conference held at the fensterbau/frontale 2016 in Nuremberg.   Alongside the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER, ISO-Chemie has other joint sealing components which have already been awarded the RAL quality mark. In the category for multi-function joint sealing tapes, ISO-BLOCO ONE and ISO-BLOCO MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TAPE bear the RAL quality mark. As far as window and façade sealing films are concerned, architects, planners and installers can fall back on a reliable and high-quality range of products such as ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD.
  • May 10 2016



    ISO-Chemie presented the system extension for the in front of wall installation ISO-TOP WINFRAMER for the first time at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016 trade fair. The new “TYPE 2” offers you even more flexibility for the installation and sealing of window and door elements in buildings with thermal insulation composite systems. The innovative in front of wall installation solution is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized windows and doors up to a maximum size of 2 m² which are installed in the insulation level, in front of the load-bearing wall of buildings.   The system components ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 2” is made up of different system components. Attachment consoles comprising a special aluminium bracket combination are provided to fix the windows in place. Insulating profiles are available for overhangs of 80 to 140 mm. To achieve overhangs of 140 mm, there are spacer plates available which are installed underneath the attachment consoles. System brackets, the load-bearing capacity of which has been proven during comprehensive testing by ift Rosenheim, are provided for load transfer at the lower window connection. The insulating profiles are glued airtight to the masonry using the permanently elastic system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF, which is also used to seal material joints and corner connections.   Combination of conventional console installation and in front of wall installation frames The new “TYPE 2” forms an ideal link between conventional console installation and in front of wall installation frames. Yet installation is very quick and easy. In the first step the system bracket, which takes over the load-bearing function, is installed at the lower connection. The system bracket is glued to the masonry using the system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF, a 1-component hybrid polymer adhesive, and then screwed in placed in addition. Next, the certified aluminium attachment consoles are fastened to the masonry at the side and top by means of approved, façade screws. The number of attachment points depends on the window to be installed and the loads to be absorbed in each particular case. Then the insulating profiles made of high-compressed XPS polystyrene are fitted tightly over the attachment consoles. These ensure that the individual attachment points are completely covered and thus optimise the Ψ-value in terms of thermal insulation. The insulating profiles are also glued to the masonry using the ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF system adhesive. The frame around the edge of the whole window opening results in a thermally decoupled and airtight installation plane for window installation and sealing. In comparison with the tried-and-trusted. TYPE 1, TYPE 2 is different due to the concentration of wind pressure and suction loads at the side because of the attachment consoles   Benefits of the Dovetail Installation Connection The insulating profiles are delivered in lengths of 1,200 mm. They can be adapted individually to the window opening on site. The insulating profiles have a dovetail connection at the ends, allowing several rods to be connected quickly and easily and then installed on the outer wall. Another advantage is that cut-offs can still be used, saving on material. This practical installation aid makes handling much easier and provides for a clean and technically perfect connection to the masonry wall.  
      Optimum integration in thermal insulation composite systems The mechanical attachment of the window or door elements takes place directly in the statically tested attachment consoles. Following window installation, the in front of wall system, which is compliant with EnEV requirements, is covered directly with a thermal insulation composite system and thus integrated in this.   Combination options Depending on the installation situation, the system components of the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 2” can be combined with one another. Where heavy window blind boxes are in place, for example, the system bracket can be used at the bottom and top connection, while the insulating profiles with attachment consoles are only used at the side. The conventional ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 1” can however also be combined easily with the new “TYPE 2”. If, for example, burglar resistance is required for the ground floor of a single-family home, “TYPE 1” can be used there, while “TYPE 2” could be used on the upper floors of the building for medium-sized windows. Thus technical and economic aspects can be matched perfectly.   Reliable 3-level sealing With the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 2” the professional 3-level sealing of window connections in accordance with the RAL “Installation guide” is both straightforward and reliable. The ISO³ WINDOW SEAL SYSTEM from ISO-Chemie offers various window connection foils, PUR foams and sealants as well as permanently elastic, impregnated PUR joint sealing tapes for this purpose. Multi-function joint sealing tapes such as ISO-BLOCO ONE are particularly suitable, since they combine the three functional levels air-tightness, sound and thermal insulation as well as protection from the weather in one product.   The system extension thus provides installers, designers and architects with two different types of the in front of wall installation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER for individual installation solutions in future.
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