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Reference : 0004641072

Classification: Ores, heavy metal

United States

February 17, 2022

1)copper concentrate ≥ 15%,sulfur≥ 25% (2)copper ore ≥ 10 %  Sulfide or oxide both ok  As<0.5%,Cl<0.5%,Cd<0.05%, Hg<0.01%,F<0.1%, Pb+Zn<6%(only for copper concentrate) (1) Nickel concentrate ≥10%,sulfur≥20% (2)Nickel matte ≥10%,sulfur ≥20% Pb<0.2%,Zn<0.2%,As<0.2%,Cd<0.3%,Cl<0.5%,MgO +Al2O3<10% CIF Lianyungang port or Wuhan port Trail order:500mt Bulk order:1000mt-5000mt size≤10mm(within 10 mm)
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