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Description of the Product

Horticultural Mushroom Enzyme, 1) Ginseng 2) Cinnamon 3) Gingeraceae and warm the human body with sugar cane addition to give it a deep taste of tea. Premium florist tea.

1) Mushroom ginseng tea
Fermented flower mushroom and Goryeo tripe increase absorption rate of human body and ginseng.
Wellness Foods Maximize Deep Taste.

2) Cinnamon tea with mushroom
Fermented flower mushroom and cinnamon additives provide unique scent and deep taste of cinnamon.
Wellness food good for improving the body's immune system.

3) Ginger tea with mushroom
Fermented flower mushrooms and ginger additives to make our bodies warm, deep taste and wellness food that is good for immune promotion.

※ Dilute with warm water to suit your taste.

Price of the Product

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