Sulseam - Red Monkey, Red Rice Wine (Makgeolli). of Sulseam


Description of the Product

Red Monkey
Red Monkey is Korean rice wine(Makgeolli) with beautiful red color. It tastes little sweety and milky.
We are not using any artificial additives. All ingredients of red monkey are Red Rice, Yeast and Water.
It is a drink that anyone can enjoy easily, because the overall taste is not strong and not weak.
Red Rice
Red rice(Hongguk Rice) is fermented Rice.
It has Monacolin K component which prevents adult diseases such as hypertension or heart disease.
Longer Shelf Life
Different from other Makgeolli, It has longer shelf life. Due to sterilization technology, It tastes cleaner and shelf life is longer.
Own-Developed Yeast
We are using own developed yeast.
Handmade yeast creates our unique taste and flavor.
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Price and payment

From 3.75 USD
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Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Rice Wine
  • Model SS-02
  • Dimension 375ml
  • Brand Sulseam
  • Certification KFRI
  • Label Bottle packing
  • Origin South Korea

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