Virus Catcher SA-5DE of Sejin E&E ,co.


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Description of the Product

This product is used for air purification and air purifiers for public places, etc. 
It is a product developed to be Effectively removes Virus, fine dust and odor. 
It is composed of plasma device and dust collecting filter to have removal and deodorization effect.

▶Application: Bus stop, tram stop, park walkway, performance hall, children's outdoor Play.
Applicable to places where a lot of people gather in the open air .

**Price : 1200USD

Detail :
  • Model SA-5DE
  • Air volume (CMM/min) 5CMM
  • Efficiency (%) 99 %
  • Power Supply (AC) 220VAC/60 ㎐/1Ф
  • Power Consumption (W) 300 W
  • Dimension (W x D x H) (㎜) 
  • 280x282x545

Price of the Product

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