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The Greek International Business Association (SEVE) was established in 1975 as a non-profit organization and is currently the largest association of exporting companies in Greece numbering approximately 600 member – companies. SEVE’s members include manufacturers, distributors and service providers of a broad spectrum of products and services with almost every country in the world. In 1989, SEVE established the Institute of Export Research and Studies (ΙΕRS), which was established to perform the following functions: monitor and analyse short-term international trade trends, especially focused on Greece and the EU-27, provide reliable and continuously updated information about particular sectors and markets,undertake sponsored and commissioned research projects on international trade issues,cooperate with research institutions within Greece and abroad,organize International Trade Conferences. In 2008, the Association has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate and is also a certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Development, as a Beneficiary of Project Management Capacity responsible for initiating and implementing operations.SEVE is accredited by the International Association of Trade Training Organisations –IATTO and plays a crucial role in providing education through specialized seminars on export topics.

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