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ISOPIPE S.A. is a production company in the field of flexible synthetic rubber foam insulation systems, ISOPIPE, and cast iron condensing boilers, TORRENT, for the air conditioning, heating, plumbing, ventilation, and cooling sectors, appropriate for industrial and household use. ISOPIPE S.A. produces and exports: ISOPIPE: flexible synthetic rubber foam insulation systems, NBR and EPDM base, with significantly high percentage, 98.5%, of closed cells, which operates in extensive temperature range from -50°C to +175°C. Our product range includes several types of protection, offering resistance against mechanical damage, ultra violet rays, leakages and pipe corrosion including SOLAR and aluminum coverings i.e. HP, UV PLUS & HEAVY DUTY. Our coverings operate at -40°C to +120°C, estimated lifespan is +15 years and warranty 7 years. Last but not least, ISOSOL Pre-insulated Pipes, soundproofing solutions & accessories. TORRENT: cast iron condensing boilers for central heating, oil and gas use, in five different models, Class A & B, from 20 to 1400kW with efficiency up to 104.5% and 10 years warranty. Our products possess CE mark certification and a series of 50 other certifications from accredited institutions worldwide. In addition to our high quality of products, ISOPIPE S.A. maintains an exemplar quality management system that is certified under the EN ISO 9001:2015

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